The College is administered by the Principal who is supported by the Business Manager and her team. If you would like to communicate with the College administration please email or call 08 9362 3186.


The Board of Perth Individual is comprised of members representing the existing parent community, independent board members and Perth Individual Administration team members. If you would like to communicate with the School Board please email


Perth Individual has recently reviewed and amended the policies and procedures under which it is governed. As a result of the review the Members of the College approved the adoption of a revised constitution which:

  • changes the governance focus of the College, to clearly stipulate that the College Board is responsible for governance with the Principal responsible for the day to day management of the College;
  • Permits an increased number of external (ie non parent members) to be Directors, should candidates of suitable skills and experience be identified, whilst retaining at least two parent members as Directors.

To view a copy of the constitution please open the attached document.


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