Perth Individual’s Admissions team takes into consideration each child’s degree of maturity and developmental readiness for school and makes every effort to place each child in the cycle and grade in which he or she is most likely to succeed.  We cater for students from Pre-Kindy all the way through to High School Year 12.


Our Enrolment Process involves

Step 1:          Visit Perth Individual – contact (08) 9362 3186 or email

Step 2:          Complete and submit the Perth Individual Application Pack (this Pack contains the Fees Schedule and Policy)

Step 3:            Meet the Principal

Step 4:          Receive a letter of offer to join the college

Step 5:          Return the enrolment paperwork

Step 6:          Pay the Entry Confirmation Fee

Step 7:          Confirm a start date

Step 8:          Attend a Meet the Teacher meeting

Step 9:          Orientation visit days for your child prior to commencement


For students under age 4

Students may begin with us as young as 3 years old provided that they are socially and emotionally ready and are toilet trained.  Please refer to the following documents to understand what we mean by being toilet trained and how to help your child gain toileting independence.

Please also refer to the Immunisation Requirements which came into effect on 22 July 2019 for all children of Kindergarten age here: immunisation-records

Starting or moving child care, kindergarten or school – immunisation requirements

Vaccine preventable diseases, such as measles or mumps, can have serious health consequences for school-aged children and others in the community. You can help protect your child by ensuring his or her vaccinations are up-to-date.

For students aged 5 to 17

For students coming to us from other school systems please also submit all past school reports, work samples and any other assessments with your initial application.  Once received we will contact you and organise a meeting with our Deputy Principal.  Just because your child did not start with us at age 3 does not mean that they are not an awesome Montessori student in the making and we look forward to discussing their future educational journey with us.


Perth Individual offers three types of Bursaries and Scholarships from Cycle 4 (Year 7) onwards in the form of Tuition Assistance to families who have demonstrated a positive history with the College. They are:

  • Bursaries/Financial Aid, which is defined as a temporary reduction in tuition granted to families who have demonstrated eligibility including an objective assessment of their financial position.
  • Scholarships, granted as a reduction in tuition to a student on the basis of talent that is desired within the student body, without strict regard to the family’s financial position. Scholarship types include:
    • Academic Only
    • Gifted and Talented
    • Disadvantaged, with Academic Potential
    • Creativity
  • Temporary Financial Arrangements, in the form of a formal agreement, made with the Perth Individual College Board, outlining a ‘Schedule of Payment’ for one (1) Term, with all payments made in advance. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the agreement.

Contact the Administration office for complete information on our Bursaries and Scholarships program and refer to Perth Individual Fee Policy for further conditions.

Makes every effort to place each child into the cycle and grade in which he or she is most likely to succeed

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