Q. At what age should my child start a Perth Individual education?
The best time to start a child at Perth Individual is at three years of age when intelligence and social characteristics are being formed, Maria Montessori called this the ‘Absorbent Period’. It is advisable however to place your child on the Perth Individual waiting list before their first birthday.

Q. Does my three year old child need to be toilet trained?
Yes! All Montessori schools require your child to be toilet trained before commencing school.

Q. What is the difference between sending my child to Perth Individual at three compared to a day care centre or kindergarten?
Montessori is formal education, not child care or kindergarten. The activities are part of a carefully planned purpose-filled formal curriculum that starts the first day the child enters the school at three.

Q. How does Perth Individual compare to traditional schools curriculum?
Like all WA schools, Perth Individual is guided by the WA School Curriculum and Standards Authority. Additionally, Montessori Schools have their own syllabus which is rigorous and significantly enhances the learning journey of our students.  Students’ achievement compares extremely favourably with those in traditional schools. In fact, Perth Individual is proud of its “Well Above Average” results on both internally and externally administered assessments.  One of the best predictors of success is a positive sense of self. Perth Individual programs, based on self-directed, non-competitive activities, help a child develop a good self-image, giving them the confidence to face challenges and change with optimism and resilience.

Q. How will my child interact and cope in a Multi Age Classroom?
Multi Age Classrooms offer a number of advantages, which enhance a child’s educational experience. All social groups interact within a wide range of ages; it’s the natural way for humans to relate.  In a multi-age group classroom a child has the opportunity to learn from their peers as well as the teacher. There are always groups of children working at the same developmental, academic or interest level.

Q. What level will my child be working on? What if they are ahead or behind for their age?
The Montessori method caters for every child as an individual. Children progress at their own rates. Here at Perth Individual all students who enroll from other schools after four years of age are profiled for general ability and general achievement and readiness.  Profiling is followed by a meeting with the Family, Director and Principal, to discuss the outcomes and collectively develop an Individual Education Plan for each student.
Children gain confidence in their own abilities as they successfully complete their self-correcting exercises – particularly at the three-six year level.  The level and ability of each Perth Individual child is continually monitored and if a learning difficulty arises, that child will receive additional one on one support to help address this challenge.

Q. How do I know my child will not spend all their time doing art and craft?
Directors and students maintain an activity log of all the tasks they do. This is monitored, and where appropriate they will be directed to other activities to keep things well balanced. Parents are informed of class activities by a fortnightly class newsletter.

Q. What does the school offer in the way of sport, language and music?
Playing sport and games is encouraged. Children’s motor skills are developed through a comprehensive martial arts and sporting program. The school has a very strong LOTE (Languages Other Than English) program based around Indonesian which is taught through grade years three to six (the end of Cycle Two and commencing Cycle Three).  High School students continue with Indonesian if they have studied it previously. If they have entered from another school and studied a different language, they can continue that language using our online tutorial service.  Children are encouraged to undertake music studies both in class and through specialised tutor?. Our musical tutors provide guitar, brass, strings, drums, piano and keyboard lessons.

Q. What sort of computer training and skills are provided at the school?
Perth Individual is fully aware that modern technology has given us valuable tools for education. We provide an integrated and blended curriculum approach which allows children to learn the appropriate skills required to utilise technology where appropriate. Students in Cycle Four complete formal studies in design and digital technology.

Q. How is discipline handled in the classroom?
There are few discipline problems in a Perth Individual classroom because of the strong sense of order, which balances structure and freedom. The concept that freedom carries responsibility is introduced from the time a child enters the school.  Children can choose from a variety of paths and they are taught the skills and given the tools to succeed in their choices They are also taught social values to enable them to make those choices.
All staff are pro-active in providing an environment in which respect for others is developed and nurtured. Perth Individual delivers a Virtues Program and “Stop-Think-Do” strategies. If a problem does occur, a child is assisted individually and shown new approaches to handle the issue. Occasionally, if a problem persists, a child may be removed from a group to a designated quiet spot for time out. Once they feel calm and in control they are free to return to the group. Our ‘Fair Discipline Code of Conduct’ policies are available to view.

Q. Is there a compulsory school uniform?
Yes we have compulsory School Wear for all our students. The School Wear Shop is open every Monday and Tuesday morning from 8:30am to 9:00am.

Q. Do I have to be a certain religion to attend a Montessori School?
Montessori schools have no ethnic or religious boundaries. Perth Individual is non-denominational, recognising that Montessori education should be accessible to all.

Q. How does Perth Individual fit in with the national and state school curriculum & testing programs?
Like all schools in Australia, Perth Individual is required by law to undertake compulsory national and state testing of students in Years 3, 5, 7 & 10.  In addition, Perth Individual is required, by the School Education Act, 1998 (WA) to demonstrate that the WA School Curriculum and Standards Authority outcomes and standards for students are met.  Therefore, Perth Individual is not only accountable under its Montessori mandate, but also by external state and federal registration and accountability processes.

Q. If we are looking at having our child attend another high school after their primary years at Perth Individual, how will my child handle the transition to a traditional high school?
Experience shows that Montessori children cope and achieve very well in other schools. They make the transition well, both emotionally and academically. This is not a random outcome but something they have been prepared for.  A Montessori education aims to develop children who are independent, responsible, well organised, self-motivated and adaptable. These traits play an important part in a successful transition.  Many Perth Individual graduates are awarded scholarships when entering other schools. We are hopeful however that you decide to let your child continue their wonderful Montessori journey and complete their education in our senior school as our graduates have gone onto fulfilling university and TAFE studies.

Q. As a parent what is expected of me?
Parents who are thinking of choosing the Perth Individual Montessori College for their children’s education should bear in mind the following points before making a final decision:
All parents must be prepared to have a continuing personal involvement with the College. This involvement may include but is not limited to, maintenance, busy bees, election to the College Board, fundraising and attendance at parent education sessions. Voluntary work by parents is very rewarding and keeps costs and fees down. In order to provide a holistic environment for your child, it is expected that the Montessori philosophy be extended into the home.

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