Our History

Perth Individual began in 1980 as the Victoria Park Montessori Playgroup before becoming the Montessori Children’s Centre, with the opening of the first Children’s’ House, Hibiscus, in 1982. The school name then became Perth Montessori School before changing name to Perth Individual – A Progressive Montessori College in 2017 to better reflect the College’s learning culture and high school offering.

In the early 1990’s the second phase of the new primary building was completed, and the College purchased the Leigh Street property which currently houses our Out of School Care operation and Playgroup. The existing middle primary classes were also amalgamated into a new middle primary group, Jacaranda.

Through the middle and late 1990’s the College entered a period of consolidation. In the period from 2000 to date, all members of the school community have worked hard to ensure a sustainable future for our Montessori College.

In recent times the rewards of this hard work have begun to be realised with the re-opening of the third Children’s House, Sunflower, and the purchase of the adjoining property at 150 Burswood Road to further improve the classroom environments and the College operations.

In 2010 thanks to the Federal Government’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) program we began construction of two major new buildings. The first building was constructed to house our cycle two (six to nine year old) classrooms and also special use rooms for further curriculum delivery such as science, home economics and art. The other facility now hosts our music, playgroup and Out of School Care operation.

The College continues to grow in stature with dedicated teaching and administration staff and a great partnership with the parent community. Within the next few years we hope to continue that growth as we expand the Perth Individual high school facilities.

Perth Individual provides quality Montessori education and a progressive education experience for children from birth through to high school.

A progressive education experience for children from birth through to high school

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