New & Transitioning Students


Is this your first term with us or are you transitioning from one cycle to another? Below is a list of information to help you in the process.

For an overview of the College Day please refer to this link College Day Overview


If you wish to meet with the teacher or communicate information, you can send an email directly to the classroom email. To send an email use the person’s first name or the class name plus “………” (as an example

The communication book outside the classroom is for messages about changes in the pickup or drop off routine only. You will also receive fortnightly updates from your child’s Director.

The College communicates primarily via email, so please ensure you have set your email system to accept communications from the College so that they do not end up in your junk or spam folder.

College wear

College wear is compulsory and is available from the School wear Shop every Monday and Tuesday morning from 8.30am to 9.00am.

Children are required to wear a hat, sunscreen, and suitable footwear. For more information view the College wear requirements.

Please contact our administration office for questions regarding College wear clothing options

Parent Education Evenings

We ask that both parents attend the Parent Education Sessions that are held once a semester in the second week of the term – days and times will be advised in the newsletter or are available on the College calendar here

School Get Togethers

A couple of times a term there is a 30 minute, College get together where the host class will perform a short item based on class activities. Parents and grandparents are invited to attend. The dates are advertised in the College calendar.

Lunch Order Days

Lunch order days are held weekly on Monday and Thursday. To order lunch please GO to

Visitor Days

Once a term there is a ‘special visitor’s’ day, which commences at 11:30 am and coincides with ‘lunch order day’. A visitor of choice is in Term 1; Mother’s Day in Term 2, Father’s Day in Term 3 and Grandparent’s Day Term 4. Visitors are invited to the child’s class at 11:30 am then collect their Pre-ordered lunch at 12:00 noon to eat with the children.


Please ensure that sunscreen is applied to your child before school.


If your child is required to take medication during school time, you need to fill out a form giving the teacher all the information and permission to administer.

College Support Hours

Every family contributes six hours to the College each term. There are many different ways of fulfilling your College support hours (CSH). Ask your Parent Liaison for information about College support hours and assistance in following through with your commitment.  You can also find information on the college website.

You will need to start recording your hours using the available form located on the college website here:

Parent Liaison (PL) Role

Outside your child’s classroom, you will see details of your Parent Liaison, listing and what their role involves. PL’s support the class by providing non-educational information, passing on information from the teacher and organising scheduled social events. The PL’s help new parents settle into the College or new Cycle and aim to keep all parents up to date with College activities.

Music Tuition

If you wish your child to undergo individual music lessons, please make contact with the Music Tutors details of which you can find on this website.

First term with us or transitioning from one cycle to another?

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