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Perth Individual is a busy vibrant College campus with activities, events, excursions and incursions happening on a regular basis.  You will not just see students through these images, you will also see many adults besides our Teaching staff – many of whom are the wonderful parents of our community who volunteer their time to assist in activities across our College.  We hope you enjoy visiting our College through these photo galleries.

2018 T4 Fremantle Prison Tour

2018 T4 High School Borneo Trip

2018 T4 Sports Day

2018 T3 Jump Rope for Heart

2018 T3 P&F Book Cafe

2018 T3 Indonesian independence Day and Language Day

2018 T3 Open Mic Night

2018 T3 Senior Formal

2018 T3 Book Character Parade

2018 T3 Father’s Day

2018 T3 Art Exhibition

2018 T3 Science Challenge Day

2017 T4 Cycle 1 Sports Carnival

2017 T4 High School Formal

2017 T4 Scitech High School TeachMeet WA

2017 T4 Maths Challenge Day

2017 T4 Surf Life Saving Cycle 3, years 7, 8, 9 & 10

2017 T3 Jump Rope for Heart

2017 T3 Big Teepee Reveal

2017 T3 Father’s Day Lunch

2017 T3 Wheelchair Basketball

2017 T3 Book Character Parade

2017 Term 3 Science Challenge Day

2017 T3 College Performance Evening

2017 T3 Cycle 1 Performance Morning

2017 T2 Creativity Challenge Day

2017 T2 High School Community Contact Week Game Day

2017 T1 Year 7 Commencement Ceremony

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