Vision & Guiding Principles


  1. To respect.
  2. To honour each child’s reality and experience.
  3. To nurture each child’s self esteem and individual expression.
  4. To foster a love of learning and maintain a sense of wonder.
  5. To encourage each child’s self-discipline, personal responsibility and active participation in their learning program.
  6. To respect the rights of every individual, regardless of age, race, gender, beliefs, disability, social, national or ethnic origin.
  7. To encourage a balance between the needs of the self and others.
  8. To develop a supportive College community, by encouraging the involvement and participation of parents, family and friends.
  9. To respect, care for, and live in harmony with nature and our environment, with reverence for all forms of life.

A progressive Montessori school, leading the provision of excellent education from playgroup through high school, for children, families and educators

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